Hi!  I’m Regina, your friendly neighborhood librarian…and writer, and activist, and advocate, and wife, and most recently, mom.  After spending a ridiculously long time in the land of the infertile, I’ve been getting my feet (and hair) wet with baby drool this year as my husband and I welcomed our first son, Judah.57a000fc-8c08-40f2-987c-674556361f8e_8

I’m a full-time teen services librarian in a suburban village about 10 minutes outside of my birthplace, Chicago.  When I’m not hanging out with my teens, I spend a good portion of my time working on my next big idea, curating The Babe’s social media, or working with my sorority.

In the infertility world, I’m the creator of The Broken Brown Egg, a blog and resource for families of color, created out of a need to speak about the jarring silence in my community concerning infertility.  My husband and I have been foster parents, hopeful adoptive parents, and spent about a decade hoping to get to this point.  As I continue to navigate this new world, however, I’m surprisingly unsurprised to learn that there are many times where I am reminded that being a mom doesn’t take away my infertility, nor does it make me feel completely comfortable in the mom-realm.

It occurred to me that I needed to get my thoughts out, but that it was equally important for me to continue on the path of being a relateable voice, and speaking  for others who have faced parenting  after infertility.

I hope to look at things positively, with humor and insight where I can, while also tackling the challenges of raising a son in this world.  So join me on this path as I blurt out my observations, work through my infertility survivor’s guilt, and share some cool things along the way.