Today’s #MomFail

See those?

Those are our baby shower thank you cards.  We held off until after Babe’s birth to make them, so that we could include a photo of him as a nice gift in return. Which still took us a little longer  to order because we needed to be able to afford them.

This is March.  Babe is 9 months old.  These are in his closet…

And what really makes this an ultimate fail, is that I’ve tried multiple times to get these darn things out.

I had family over to help us fill them out.  Nothing got accomplished.

I had times set for my husband and I to work on them.  Nothing got accomplished.

I sat down and worked on them myself. I think I got 10 done and then fell asleep.

And so, here they still are.   I feel extremely bad about them sitting there, and then I tell myself to just DO IT!  And then the Babe wants something, and I lose track of it all over again.

Also, there’ve been some instances where I’ve handed cards to people and watched as they kind of sat it aside or put it in their purse, never to be seen again.  And here I was having etiquette panic attacks.

So, I’m sharing this fail as a reminder to me and YOU, that as terrible as it feels, life goes on.