This Swaddle Thing Is Mad Real.

This Swaddle Thing Is Mad Real, Yo.

swaddledYou see that face?

You see that rested punim?

That is after a specific trip to Babies R Us to get this swaddle because the Spouse and I yearned to sleep for a change.  I now firmly believe in it.

We tried a couple different swaddle sacks.  This one, had us fooled.  But the very feature that led us to buy it, snaps that let you change it to an open-legged swaddle, was its downfall. The Babe quickly figured out how to get his hands out of there, and the party was over.


We soon learned that the idea of having the snaps was a great one, but not very functional for our long baby.

So, back to the Halo Sleep Sack it is.